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Company profile

Mine Safety Equipment Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City is a company specializing in lightning protection and grounding engineering research, design and construction, and related products promote the use of high-tech enterprises. The company has extensive field experience and improve the design and construction of systems, products and solutions have been widely used in electric power, communications, finance, government, education, health, petrochemical, transportation and railway industries.

         Lightning protection and grounding products, the company is committed to R & D and production, the main products are copper-clad steel ground rods, electroplated copper grounding rods, electrolytic ion grounding rods, lightning rod, to avoid preta, grounding block, long-term resistance-reducing agent, copper-clad steel grounding twist wire, copper wire, copper bars, copper rod, copper, heat flux, mold, all kinds of metal connectors, accessories and so on. Companies adhere to "provide the best quality products, reasonable design, the best project" for business purposes, to provide customers with the best quality and lightning protection and grounding products available, in line with the principles for the customer to develop a set of economic rational, scientific rigor of the design and construction programs and solutions for enterprises across the country, institutions and civil (commercial) building professional complete with internal and external lightning protection and grounding systems engineering services.

        We adhere to people-oriented, cooperative and innovative corporate culture. Customer satisfaction and increase their competitiveness is the guiding principle of our work